Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Glowing Embers

I really need to be better about updating my blog! Thanks to ravelry, I don't even read other people's blogs anymore, much less update mine!

Many, many projects have been finished. . . some small and unblogworthy. . . and it's only February 6. Is it obvious yet that I'm back in grad school?! Knitting is definitely my coping strategy!

Gusto's afghan is finally done. Here it is, flowing out of the gigundo box I had to find to ship it in. I insured the sucker for $300, and am now secretly praying it gets lost in the mail!

This was one of those projects that sat around just a little too long, getting on my nerves and creating a lot of resentment for the space it took up. With that said, much love to you Gusto, and I hope you enjoy it for many years to come! Red Heart is a little like cockroaches, in my mind. . . they'll both be around long, long after we're gone. This project came out of Home Sweet Home Afghans, a really nice little resource! I made it a little wider and longer than required, per Gusto's request!

I've also finished not one, but TWO Hemlock Ring blankets. You'll remember that it was on my New Year's resolution list, which I'm working through like a champ. I'm psyched to be teaching the blanket as a class at Robena's Trumpet Hill shop this month and next! These babies were worked up in Cascade 220 Heathers (purple) and Cascade Eco Wool, respectively. The purple one follows Mr. Tweed's specifications, using just about 650 yards. The gray one used almost all of the two Eco skeins Robena sent home with me, yielding three additional pattern repeats and using almost all of the 956 yards! It's mammoth!

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J.Reilly said...

Do you think if you lit glowing embers on fire it would glow? (as only melting acrylic can)
Yay for hemlocks!