Friday, November 11, 2005

Crafty Update. . .

This has been a very busy week! My 35 Squares are currently on the back burner while I work on a few other projects, namely Abby's Post-Christening Gown and a shawl for the nice lady I do laundry with, Angel. Abby's gown is progressing slooooowly, mainly because I'm knitting it with toothpicks (okay, okay. . . size 3 needles. A little bigger than toothpicks!) and using sport weight yarn. Argh! It's gorgeous though, and it's a Debbie Bliss pattern -- so one day maybe I'll get it back from my SIL for my own daughter!

Angel's shawl is an adaptation and enlargement of a doily pattern, a popular trick at Crochetville. I'm using this pattern, and working it up in a beautiful periwinkle shade of LB's microspun. It feels like heaven, and I really don't want to pass it up!!! I'll probably make a twin for myself over Christmas!

I'm also in the home stretch of Melissa's tote, which needs to get in the mail by the 20th! I ran out of yarn on the handle/sides, so I'll be going out tomorrow to stock up. I go through Caron 1-lb in cream so fast, it's a wonder the company can keep up with me!

I don't feel too bad about my 35 Squares though, because I have 8 in the bag already. I'm shifting gears a little, and making it for my Grandfather now instead of my Dad. My Dad will get mittens. . . much more practical for his daily commute to Vermont, and I owe G'pa an afghan anyhow!

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Sue said...

Wow, Celeste! You sure have a lot going on in the WIP category! Maybe now I can catch up with you on the 35 Grannies! :) Good luck with the baby outfit, it sounds darling!