Sunday, January 22, 2006

Crochet away the day!

Okay, not really. I've been very good this weekend, and finished all the required reading for Monday's classes. Aren't you proud? I am! Some of it was boring! Moving on. . .

I'm through Row 40 of my Lace and Bobbles afghan, which I'm fast growing fond of. John likes it too, and has requested a second version in green. ::adds to giant mental list of future crochet projects:: Here are two up-to-the-minute shots of it, one with flash on, the other off. The colors are deep, deep purple, lighter purple, and cream, and neither photo is right on. Ignore the curtains and carpet, please!

These photos almost cost me my life, as I balanced precariously on the coffee table while desperately trying to fit the ruler in for reference! Enjoy them! No, really, you HAVE TO!

I've also begun working on Hannah's super-cool aran tote, in Caron's Pounder Yarn in Espresso. Here's a before shot:

It'll look a lot like Melissa's tote, but in smaller, textbook-sized form. Melissa's was a bit of a monster, designed to be large enough to carry books along with the occassional skein of yarn (or ten. . . I'm not joking.) I'm also writing the pattern out as I go, due to multiple requests and demands.

Finally, in response to my good blogging friend Sue, here is a photo of where my blogging magic happens, along with most of my crocheting, reading, and desperate writing "magic":


Tandi said...

Celeste that is gorgeous! Love the colors you are using.
Can't wait to see how the aran tote will turn out! I bet it looks just as cool in brown.

Sue said...

Where's a professional photographer when you need one?! The L&B looks lovely; the colors look great!
I look forward to seeing the new bag in brown. It's a gorgeous bag and I have to admit I'm partial to brown. :)
I see your 63 square 'ghan in your pic of your computer spot!! So neat and tidy and includes the requisite box of crunchy snack...aces! :)