Friday, January 13, 2006

Let the swapping begin!

In an effort to control my crochet addiction, I joined the 2006 Square-a-Month swap over at C'ville. Theoretically, I'll have a single square to work on each month rather than an entire afghan, which is what happened last semester! Yes, really, I made four afghans last semester. FOUR. It normally takes me 3-4 months to make ONE. That was bad, bad, bad of me!

I've already received my January square from Fiona, and here's a shot of it:

Sorry 'bout the lousy lighting, but I just had to share tonight! Thanks so much, Fiona!


Sue said...

Those CAL's are addicting, aren't they?! I wonder if there's a CAL's Anonymous? "Hello, my name is Sue, I haven't touched yarn for 2 days..." Have fun with your square-a-month. :)

Celeste said...

haha, if there were, half the people at Crochetville would be there! It's a good swap because its so spread out. I think they're opening another section of it, too!