Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Year's Project Resolutions!

A little early, but I can't think of another way to get them out of my head!

1. An afghan for my Auntie Linda's new farmhouse
2. A cabled vest for Grandma Judy
3. The sheep afghan from the Holiday 2007 Knit Simple mag (above!)
4. Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood
5. Demi sweater from Rowan Vintage Knits

Five seems doable. . . reasonable. . . especially with school and two jobs! Not to mention the endless baby blankets I always end up making ;)

Happy Holidays, all!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Knitting away. . .

Pattern: "Snowflake Socks" IK Fall 2007
Yarn: Wildfoote, in Blue Boy and Vanilla
Needles: sz. 3 dpns
Time: two weeks so far, working on and off!

These socks are a holiday gift for a good friend. . . who'd better not be reading my blog! SO pretty, and going so quickly! This is my second attempt at color work. I'm also working on a sweater for me, ME, ME!!! Yay! See below. . . .

Pattern: "Starsky" from
Yarn: Reynolds Rapture
Needles: Denise, sz. 10
Time: just about a week, and three skeins in!
This yarn was a wedding gift from the fabulous Jen, and we're working on it as a knitalong. . . Jen was smart, and dunked her swatch. It GREW! I might be frogging soon :-P No fun at all. What IS fun is that this yarn spit-splices! No weaving in ends for me!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

I'm married! I'm back in school! I'm working another new job! And yet. . . I'm still knitting. John and I had a total blast at our wedding -- so many of our friends and family were able to make it that it was a little overwhelming. Here's a shot of us at the end of the night, tired and happy (and wearing glow bracelets! Don't ask!)

We honeymooned in Toronto, where we saw Chinatown, Asiatown, Lettuce Knits, and Evil Dead: The Musical. What was that? Oh, Lettuce Knits? Yes, it was awesome :) Oh, and Evil Dead was a zombie musical. Yup. We were 1 row away from the splatter zone. Yup -- splatter zone. Blood, guts, and brains. Zombie. Musical. Check it out:

That's Lettuce Knits, not Evil Dead. Sorry, no shots of me with the zombies! But seriously, it was a really (strangely) good time!

Now, for the good stuff. . . the KNITTING! I finished the Bliss baby blanket, and it came out beautifully. This is the blanket I want to make for every special baby forever. It's a-m-a-z-i-n-g in person! Enjoy, baby Lela!

Pre-blocking. Don't unravel on me now!

Soaking away in the sink. . . mmm. . . yummy. Not.

Ta-da! Blocked out in all her glory. So cool!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wedding Shower Shots!

Life has been extremely busy, what with our new jobs and the wedding only 20 days away! To help make up for it, here are some shots of today's bridal shower!

Many thanks and much love to my bridesmaids, Hannah and Jessica, and to all of our family and friends!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Arwen Update

My Cardigan for Arwen is almost done! I've been working along on the baby blanket and so many other little projects that it's been neglected for the last month or so. I blocked it yesterday (on my bed -- what a pain!), but still need to stitch it up. Here's a fun little peek at the miles of cabling:

The stitching itself went very quickly, I just got a little bored with it. I've had serious serial project starting this last month, due in no small part to the opening of a new lys here in Sch'dy. Maureen's Yarn Boutique doesn't have a website up and running yet, but she does have a mighty good selection of Patons Kroy Sock Yarn. Perfect for Eunny's Endpaper Mitts, and washable! I'm going with the flax and whitecap colorways, but can't cast on until Arwen is officially finished. One good little motivator is Maureen's Sit 'n' Stitch session next week -- I'd love to wear it there, assuming it fits me and all! Argh, row gauge! It hates me!

In other news. . . I treated myself this week! Both books are must-buys, and both were available my local Barnes & Noble (despite Socks being listed with a release date of April 1). Happy early birthday to me!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Money is GOOD!

John got a job today! Life is good again! He'll be working as a cable technician for Time Warner, meaning that our internet and tee-vee will now come with free tech support 24/7. Mom and Dad are very happy about this particular point, as our tee-vee is currently their tee-vee. That's right, we're living at home right now. The wedding is in July, meaning that we can save money like crazy people to buy a place of our own, a place to fill with fibery goodness and spinning wheels. This place is just a little closer now that he's gotten his job! Yay, yay, yay! Congratulations sweetie :)

This really is a good day. Vogue's spring preview is out, and the forecast is a lacy one. Here are a few of my favorites:

Gotta love the cover. It looks like a recycled pattern from Knit.1 a few seasons ago, but I love it just the same. Joann's has great lace insert material for .99 a yard. Can't beat it!

So cute. I love the nautical theme. Bikinis, sweaters, bags, jewelry, undies -- bring it on! Keep 'em coming!

This piece would be great for work, especially in the summer. I'm really enjoying the "braided" necklines Vogue's featured in these last few issues! I have yet to try one though. . . gotta rectify that ASAP.

As always, I love the baby stuff. Look at that embroidery!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

New year, new projects. . . and a 2006 surprise!

John and I are back in NY (note the new, Arizona-less header!), living closer to our families and planning to return to school in the fall. In the meantime, I've been knitting up a storm!

My fave ASU professor and his wife are expecting their first baby in April, so I've been working away at the Debbie Bliss Alphabet Blanket from The Baby Knits Book. The pattern calls for super-spendy Bliss Wool-Cotton, so I substituted Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece in Cotton Ball. At about 50% complete, here's a peek at the project:

Every row has a letter that I like to watch grow, and for the first row it was Y. How pretty is that?!

I'm also beginning work on the Arrr! Baby Set from the Winter 2006/2007 issue of Knit.1, but with a twist. . . I thought that pink and white would be just perfect for Abby.

I finally have photos of the last big project of 2006, my mom's holiday gift. I made Breezy Cables from the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. Instead of Lion Cashmere, I went with Cascade 220 -- talk about savings! The cost was less than half of what it would have been with the cashmere, and I honestly prefer the sweater in the darker, gray shade.

My favorite part of this design was the plan for the pockets. They're knit into the front so seamlessly!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Arwen Along Progress!

Finally, a sweater for ME. ME, Me, me!!! I spent most (all) of the day yesterday watching Ugly Betty on and knitting on my beautiful Arwen sweater. It's progressing along pretty rapidly:

The back is finished but still in need of blocking, and the left front panel is well on its way!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

The new year is upon us. . . and I haven't finished blogging about last year's projects! My last minute works included scarves for Cindi and Jaime, wrapping up Abby's sweater, and crocheted slippers for a Secret Santa swap.

Pattern:Rowan Babies Daydream to fit 1-2 yrs
Yarn:Plymouth Royal Bamboo 4.5 balls
Needles:Sizes 2 and 3
Time:Too long! This pattern is gorgeous but the finishing is less than fun. Royal Bamboo is slippery and makes weaving in ends a Royal Pain! The sleeves also came out a little too short for Abby, but might pass for intentional 3/4 length. I'll need to check it out the next time I'm home, and if it takes more than a little work I'll probably opt to make something else, and hang on to this piece for a (far) future mini-me.

Pattern:Interweave Crocheted Slippers, Kid's 5
Yarn:Lion Brand Wool-ease in blush heather, rose heather, and gray heather
Hook:Size I
Time: About 2.5 hours! Love these!

Pattern:sc, ch 1 mesh
Yarn:Plymouth Combolo
Hook:Size N
Time:About 5.5 hours for both
These scarves have been a huge hit, which makes the simplicity of their design that much sweeter. The mesh design disappears, allowing the yarn to shine. Thanks be to Jen for the fabulous materials!

Oh, and I made some kick-ass stitch markers, too. These little guys are one of four sets in different colors, all featuring a skull as the odd marker for marking rounds, right sides, etc.