Monday, October 31, 2005

WOOT! Putting it all together!

My squares are done, most are edged, and I've officially crocheted the first five rows (of nine total) together! That's more than halfway! I'm hoping to have my 63 Squares good and done by Saturday, so I can really get going on Jessie's birthday scarf and Abby's dress, which needs to be done be Dec. 17. Her mom (future SIL) wants her to wear it at the post-christening bash, which will be so much fun :)

What sucks the most right now? Knowing that I'll be IN CLASS for most of Halloween! Totally unfair! And when class is over, I have HOMEWORK to do! Nooooooo! (sorry, this is bitch and moan day. Will regret in the AM. . . please disregard.)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weekend! Finally!

So my lecture went fine, I guess. . . we're all our own harshest critics, but I know I should have slowed down a bit in the beginning. My prof seems to think it went really well, and that's all that matters! Right? Right?

Anyhoo, better news. . . I have two and a half squares to go before I can begin to assemble my sampler afghan. I can't wait to be done with it, so I can start on the next one, a much more manageable 35 squares. Should be able to knock that out in a few weeks ;-) But seriously, I can't believe that November starts on Tuesday. That's just wrong. . . so much writing, so little time. Hopefully I can have at least 20 pages of my major paper done by Thanksgiving, so I can focus on my other work. Oh, and my TAship. And my research. And my knitting. And crocheting. Eek!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Crochet away the day. . . and work all night!

I'm currently taking a break from editing exam questions for next week's test in art history 102. . . I'm also trying to distract myself from worrying about the lecture I'm giving on Thursday (on African art! Should be good!) I've finally got a few pics of the hat I designed, and of the square I made for Aunt Tina's comfortghan. Check them out:

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chuggin' along. . .

Today was. . . an 8. Not spectacular, but pretty nice overall. The weather has cooled a bit, a maintenance guy came to fix our AC and play with the kitties, and five more squares for Aunt Tina's comfortghan arrived. I can't wait to get them all together, so I can share photos of how beautiful they are! I'm really amazed at how much work people have put into them. So far, I've contributed four squares to various 'ghans, and I feel really good about the reciprocity. Crochetville is a wonderful place!

I'm currently working on square 50. . .yes, FIFTY, of my 63 Square Monstrosity (new name. . . I like it). I've updated my photos, and here are a choice few:

So, call me crazy, but I'm thinking that I won't keep this one after all. I know, I know, I NEVER keep anything for myself, but. . . these colors match my best friend's mom's living room perfectly! And she's the nicest lady on the planet! I will do myself a favor though, and save it to give to her at Christmas. I have a bad habit of gifting people anytime, all the time. . . and I need to work on it, for the sake of my bank account!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Merrily we crochet along. . .

I finished another eight squares over the weekend (45 down, 18 to go!), and *gasp* broke my promise to not work on anything else by recreating my hat pattern! It's justified though, I swear! I have to submit photos of it! Really!

Oh, and can I just say that I love Photoshop? I was working on scanning several images for a presentation I have next week, and took a short break to play around with a pic of John (le fiance). . . et voila!

Very Warhol, no?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

RAOK! What a great day!

I came home tonight to the nicest little surprise -- a little wooden kitty and two beautiful handmade stitch markers!

Thank you, Fairy in Texas!

In other news, the squares for my Aunt Tina's comfortghan are arriving a few at a time, and slowly building into a pile! I have eight so far, with nineteen more expected! The outpouring of support from Crochetville has been really wonderful. Thank you, ladies!

And finally. . . the most exciting. . . a hat I designed was accepted to the 2007 Crochet Pattern a Day calendar! It'll be my first published design ever! Too bad I already sent my prototype to Hannah. . . I guess I'll be busy recreating it this weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Afghans Galore

This is the semester of afghans! My 63 Squares are progressing right along, and I just finished #36. I've also begun a 12" square for a separate project - a comfortghan for my Aunt Tina, who's just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm going out this weekend to pick up oodles of yarn in yummy colors to crochet her a collection of caps. We don't know yet how extensive the cancer is, but we're very hopeful that it's still isolated.

If you'd like to contribute a square, let me know!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Healthier and Happier, but still Mysterious!

John is up and on his feet today, and may actually be able to get some sleep tonight! He's still in some pain, but at least he's able to function. Unfortunately, we're still not sure what's causing his headaches, and still need to get in to see the neurologist. Hopefully we'll have an answer soon!

And more good news. . . I've finished another five squares of my 63 square 'ghan, bringing my total to 26! I can't wait to finish this one, and move on to the next -- the squares look even prettier than those in this pattern! Pictures will follow soon!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Baby Afghan

The pattern is from Leisure Arts pamphlet #3015, "Absolutely Gorgeous Baby Afhans Book 4." I modified the colors using Lionbrand Babysoft in bluebell and white. It was a little finer than the "sportweight" it *claimed* to be, which made gauging the blanket a huge pain. It also turned out scratchier than the original skein felt, although it softened up a bit after I used Woolite. I wouldn't recommend using it!

and a close-up:

Anyhow, on to the good stuff: I finished three more squares of my 63 Square 'Ghan, which will soon be followed up by a second 63 Squares!

Loooong Day!

Well, good news first: the baby afghan I was working on is finished, so now I can return my attention to my 63 squares -- I mean, my art historical research! Just kidding, really, I'm getting much better at balancing the two.

Now for the bad news. . . crocheting is back on track, but life is on hold while I care for John for the next few days. He's been having headaches, and while the doctors have ruled out an aneurysm (they were insistant that he take an ambulance to the hospital!), they have no idea what's wrong. Tomorrow morning we're heading out to see a neurologist, so hopefully I'll know more in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, I'm crocheting my heart out to keep from worrying.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Finally! Pics of the Snowfire Afghan!

I finished this blanket just before moving out to Arizona, for my future MIL to use on her new boat. It took over a year, mainly because I was so sidetracked with other projects! Once I put my mind to it, I was able to finish the last forty squares in only a couple of weeks.

Simba, enjoying the fruits of my labor!