Saturday, February 18, 2006

Frogging, Knitting, and a Missing Square

Well, Melissa's tote is coming along. . . slowly. See how my sidebar says 10%? See it? Well, that was yesterday! I've frogged it in an effort to make a tighter base, as cotton yarn often stretches a bit and I was worried that even a liner wouldn't fix the problem. So, here we go again! The yarn is a really gorgeous dove gray/olivey color, and I'm using cream for the secret design. Sorry, but no pictures until Melissa's received it! It's Jo Sharp's Soho Summer in Crete and Calico, from Herrschners. I'm also working on the Booga Bag from Julie Anderson, in luscious Noro Kuryeon (color 95, just like the pattern. . . there's a first!). I got three skeins of it from mom and dad for the holidays, and am finally getting around to working on it. See the pretty print in the background? That's my new Vera Bradley bag, courtesy of my lovely sister Hannah, and it's the perfect size for toting around small projects! Thanks, Hank! Now, with all this happy news there's some sad -- Valerie's February square is apparently MIA. That's the first and LAST time that I send anything without delivery confirmation, or at the very least a little insurance! I'm really bummed, because I'd included a few extras and some candy for her kids. Hopefully it'll show up soon, but I'm going to work up a replacement square to ship out if it's not there by Tuesday (the last day to send for this month's swap!)

And the surprise. . . was a scarf! The pattern is from Vogue On the Go! Crocheted Scarves.

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Sue said...

Oh Celeste! I have knit envy!! What a lovely bag! Sorry to hear about the frogging and the missing square - how frustrating! I'm sending happy vibes your way. :)