Friday, September 30, 2005

1 down, 2 to go. . .

So I shipped Hannah's afghan out late Wednesday afternoon, and ::gasp:: it made it to New York by noon today! No wonder the USPS is broke; priority mail was only ONE DOLLAR more than 8-day! Insanity! She's promised to send me photos of herself wrapped up in it, along with a few detail shots. Posts will follow shortly! My mother also loved it, calling it "french vanilla ice cream colored -- yummy!" Leave it to an art teacher who spends her days with 5-10 year olds to liken my crocheting to dessert :)

My 63 Square 'ghan is progressing steadily along, but may be sidelined for a few days while I whip up a baby blanket for my mom to give at an upcoming shower. She called this afternoon "just to ask" how quickly I thought I could crochet one. . . and before I knew what was happening, the Aztec books were on the floor and my car was maneuvering itself over to Michaels!

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