Sunday, February 05, 2006

February Square Swap!

My February square, made by Robin, arrived yesterday! Here it is, in all its lavendar glory:

She used the "Racing Stripes" 12" pattern from Crochet Pattern Central, and SS yarn! Robin also had impeccable timing, as I had just finished my February swap square before going to get the mail. This square (see below) will be heading out to Valerie in TN tomorrow:


Sue said...

Yeah, comments are back!
Lovely square you made, the colors are beautiful. :)

Melissa said...

Hi! In your Feb. 4 post, is the surprise a shawl? I enjoy reading your blog. Always inspires me.

linda said...

Hi Celeste, beautiful squares there. Just wanted to say thank you for the old egg beater., fits just great in the kitchen. I hope you are well . I talked to your mom tonight. Leah has her drivers permit, Mike still being a good student and Tasha, hopefully finding her way soon. You can email me at This is your Aunt LInda, Love you lots