Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Times are a changin'

I've decided to shake things up a little, and recently accepted a position at American Express here in Phoenix. You know what that means. . . a hiatus from art history! I'm really rethinking my choice of graduate programs, and making some money in the meantime seems like the best decision. Plus, John will be able to take some time off from working to finish up school, which will make both of us a bit more relaxed! Oh, and one added bonus -- there's a Michael's right across the road from my new office. Score!

It looks like my blog header may be changing very soon, as I'll be heading down to the DMV (here in the southwest it's the MVD. . . strangeness) to trade in my New Yorker license for a genuine Arizona Desert one. I can't believe how cheap they are -- my New York renewal put me out half a paycheck back in college, and here it's $5! Insanity!

And yes, I'm crocheting this evening and watching Law and Order (at its new time -- dum dum). Project updates to follow!


Sue said...

I tried leaving a comment this morning to no avail. Hopefully, this will work...
Congrats on the new job! A little break from school might be a good thing.
So you're going to become an AZ resident, huh? You'll have to start saying things like, Y'all, and garnering an appreciation for enormous belk buckles!
As always, lovely work! The bags are beautiful!

Celeste said...

Love ya, Sue! How are y'all there in CA? :)

Joseph said...

Celeste I am really liking the shade of blue for you Moms tote. Nice!!!
Gee, I might trade in my expensive New York license for the reasonable AZ one. Happy crocheting. Lawrence

Tandi said...

Congrats on the new job! And Michael's across the street? Doesn't get much better than that!