Sunday, July 02, 2006

Star Baby Blankies

With my mom's afghan *almost* finished, I've begun working on Oni's baby blankets. She's having twins this fall, and doesn't want to know the sex of the babies, so I opted for rainbow star 'ghans. Here's a shot of the first, halfway finished. The second one will be done with the colors reversed, so the twins will have similar but not identical gifts. The pattern works up insanely quickly, making this a great project for work. It's been a hit with just about everyone, too! I'm hoping she'll like them just as much! In other news, I've finally begun winding up the gigantic skeins of yarn I bought last Christmas at WEBS yarn factory, thanks to Jen and her lovely winder. I'll post photos of the many, many yarn cakes as soon as they're finished.


Pam said...

LOVE those colors together! Kinda retro kitchen colors that are so hot right now! Looks great!

Lulu said...

its beautiful...i still cant do this pattern and it really makes me sad..