Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Progress Update!

I finally picked up some more microspun this week, and finished my pineapple shawl. It's going to go to my advisor (yes, I changed my mind again!), who's been super supportive and helpful this semester. I can't believe that it's already the end of November, and that I'm almost finished with my first semester of grad school! It's been very stressful, but I've also been lucky enough to make several great friends, not to mention my luck in finding Crochetville! I've also finished the tote for my swap partner, Melissa, and will be getting it in the mail ASAP. I probably shouldn't post the pics just yet, but you can find a good shot here, and a closeup here. Sorry, I can't resist showing it off a little! The pattern is (obviously!) inspired by my aran afghan, but the form, strap, and finishing are all my own design.
My seraphina shawl is progressing along, but it's going to the back burner for a while so I can finish my extensive list of holiday gifts! My sidebar is getting out of control! I'm working it up in KnitPicks lace yarn (the name escapes me, but the colorway is Autumn), using a G hook. I need to start working with bulkier, faster yarns! I'm also finishing a dress for Abby, which (thankfully!) is close to completion. The front and back pieces are finished, so all I have to do is sew the sides together and finish the neck and arm bands.
In other news, my papers are progressing along. . . oh, and I saw the new Harry Potter! I agree with Sue, the special effects were great. I thought the editing was a little choppy though, and overall I prefer the third movie.

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Sue said...

Holy CROW, Celeste! Where do I start? You are a very, VERY busy person! You tote is gorgeous! Your shawl is gorgeous! Your sidebar is e-NOR-mous! And here I am belly-aching about finishing my 63 squares and stressing about my next class in January! Clearly I need to do what you're doing and that's a whole lot more! Needless to say, I'm gob-smacked! *phew* Nice job!