Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Aran the pattern, not the color!

Hannah's tote is progressing quickly, as is the pattern! Some of you may notice that the pattern is slightly different than the cream version, because I've altered the stitch count (vertically and horizontally) to differentiate it from the original pattern. I'm also using a smaller hook (H, not I. . . huge difference, LOL), leading to a much smaller, more manageable tote. Now I just need to choose a button for the space in diamond row 4!

This photo is terribly dark, I know, and I promise that the next one will be better. . . but believe me, the flash was worse! Besides, weren't you dying to see my progress?

1 comment:

Sue said...

Just gorgeous, Celeste! Wow! You are so clever!
BTW,if your not happy with your photos (I never am) you can make some easy adjustments with Photoshop. I'll email you so as not to take up too much room here. :)