Thursday, January 12, 2006

Project Update

Tina's comfortghan is finished, as you can see by these photos! I edged the center square in pink in honor of breast cancer survivors, and edged the afghan using the pattern from the 63 Squares pamphlet (my new favorite!)

I pulled out the brightest squares and assembled them into a bag for the afghan, which I still need to photograph (alright, so I haven't quite finished the edging!) All that's left is to retag the squares and ship! Thank you to everyone who contributed, and keep an eye on your mailboxes next week!

I've also begun working away at John-Michael's afghan. The pattern is simple to remember but looks complex -- my favorite kind! It'll be about 5'x6' when finished:


Sue said...

Yay! You're back!! The afghan turned out lovely! So many beautiful squares. Best wishes to your auntie. :)

G'ma said...

Good Grief, Celeste! Why didn't you tell me about your site. It's wonderful.
Love to you from another mad-about-fibers person, your grandmother.

Cristin said...

You do VERY good work, Celeste!
Your afghan for auntie is gorgeous.

I was also admiring your "john-michael" afghan. Could you tell me what pattern you are using? My Mother adores ripple ghans and I can't stand counting so much....but this one looks like it would be worth all the crazy effort.
See you at C'ville!!
Keep pluggin' away -- I'm envious of all the projects you complete!! LOL in 2006 I vow to get better at that....but I get bored easily.