Monday, October 09, 2006

Holiday knitting continued

I recently began working on Abby's christmas sweater, done in green just like her brother's. The yarn is Plymouth's Royal Bamboo, a gift from Jen. It's super smooth and has a pretty sheen, but will probably need to be blocked quite a bit before piecing everything together -- note the roly-poly edges! The pattern is from Rowan Babies, the Daydream sweater (model in pink). The book is full of lots of cute patterns, and the directions are really simple! Of course, my copy is from the library. . . but I've seriously considered buying it! So many patterns, so little time.

I've been organizing my knitting books and magazines lately, and came across last year's holiday issue of Vogue Knitting. The issue featured the winners of a scarf designing competition in support of breast cancer research, sans patterns. How frustrating! I'm trying to chart out my favorite ones, but it's a little slow-going thanks to the artsy, completely un-helpful photography. Has anyone else tried making a scarf inspired by these? If so, I can't find you on google!!!


Sue said...

You do such nice work, Celeste! That's going to be another lucky baby!

Celeste said...

Thanks, Sue! BTW, I noticed your angel ornaments on Crochetville this morning -- they're gorgeous!!!

Madelyn said...

Hi Celeste,

Nice to see a post from you (not that I'm much better). Nice projects, all your work is absolutely lovely.