Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yes, I am that crazy!

In keeping with my recent cable fetish, I made Daisy a sweater. Why would she need a sweater in Arizona, you ask? Because my dog shivers when the temperature drops below 70. Seriously. Oh, and because she's really, really cute in it!
The Necessary Details:
Pattern: Knit Simple Fall 2006, "Fit for a King(Charles Spaniel)"
Yarn: Red Heart in Burgundy, 1 skein
Needles: Sz. 8 straights and dpns
Time: Umm. . . 10 days?
Modifications: Many! This sweater is about 50% larger than the one in the pattern. Daisy only weighs 23 pounds, but she's built like a horse! I cast on 74 sts and then fudged from there, adding about two inches to the overall length and width.

Can I just say that I love KnitSimple? The patterns are very well written, and the mailing time is great -- I was able to finish two full patterns before the winter issue arrived yesterday! In other news, I'm checking out new blogs (love AJ's!) and picking up new techniques and yarns. I'm shamelessly copying her gorgeous entrelac scarf, as it would be a PERFECT gift for at least two people on my list this year!


aj said...

OMG that sweater looks SO cute!! What a sweetie she was for modeling it so well for you!

And thank you for the plug! Your scarf is off to a beautiful start! How do you like Entrelac so far? Isn't it absolutely addicting?

Celeste said...

Thanks, AJ! Daisy is still *thinking* about the sweater. . . she was walking pretty funny while she had it on, but I think it'll be okay!

Entrelac is great, and YES, addicting! Thanks so much for the great inspiration, and for directing me to SWS! What a dream!

J.Reilly said...

Oh my goodness! She looks so cute! You did a great job of altering the pattern for her. I think the ripping back was worth it (as long as she doesn't eat it, right?!). I think I'm going to regret not taking you up on that SWS... it looks great!

Anonymous said...

your dog is clearly disturbed by wearing a sheep - lol
ps who is that handsome "devil may care" man at your side in the pic (lol again)

Sue said...

Aww! Cutie tootie!

Sheila said...

Hi I came across your blog via Mscrocheter... your doggie sweater is awesome.. It is on my crochet to do list for my dog Evie whose a bit larger, but would enjoy it. Your dog is the perfect model.. too cute.