Friday, October 07, 2005

Healthier and Happier, but still Mysterious!

John is up and on his feet today, and may actually be able to get some sleep tonight! He's still in some pain, but at least he's able to function. Unfortunately, we're still not sure what's causing his headaches, and still need to get in to see the neurologist. Hopefully we'll have an answer soon!

And more good news. . . I've finished another five squares of my 63 square 'ghan, bringing my total to 26! I can't wait to finish this one, and move on to the next -- the squares look even prettier than those in this pattern! Pictures will follow soon!


vicki said...

i am glad he is feeling better,. head aches are no fun at all. hope its something simple take care and have a better week k? hugggs

Sue said...

I'm glad your guy is feeling better. Hope the docs can figure out whats going on. :)