Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Crochet away the day. . . and work all night!

I'm currently taking a break from editing exam questions for next week's test in art history 102. . . I'm also trying to distract myself from worrying about the lecture I'm giving on Thursday (on African art! Should be good!) I've finally got a few pics of the hat I designed, and of the square I made for Aunt Tina's comfortghan. Check them out:


Sue said...

Cool hat! I'd love to try it out!

Lovely square for the comfortghan. What kind of yarn did you use? It almost looks like thread in the picture.

Good luck on the lecture!

Celeste said...

Thanks Sue! I used worsted yarn. . . caron pounder for the green and cream, and tlc for the pink. You can find the pattern for it here: