Saturday, October 29, 2005

Weekend! Finally!

So my lecture went fine, I guess. . . we're all our own harshest critics, but I know I should have slowed down a bit in the beginning. My prof seems to think it went really well, and that's all that matters! Right? Right?

Anyhoo, better news. . . I have two and a half squares to go before I can begin to assemble my sampler afghan. I can't wait to be done with it, so I can start on the next one, a much more manageable 35 squares. Should be able to knock that out in a few weeks ;-) But seriously, I can't believe that November starts on Tuesday. That's just wrong. . . so much writing, so little time. Hopefully I can have at least 20 pages of my major paper done by Thanksgiving, so I can focus on my other work. Oh, and my TAship. And my research. And my knitting. And crocheting. Eek!


Sue said...

Congrats on getting thru your lecture! I understand they get easier the more you do. :)

Your square photos below look terrific, did you get a new camera? Julie and I want to know!

Celeste said...

Not a new camera, just a brain fart! Duh Celeste, you have a SCANNER! LoL. It's funny though, it really really really hates bobbles. Check out my more recent pics and you'll see what I mean. . . ugh.