Monday, October 31, 2005

WOOT! Putting it all together!

My squares are done, most are edged, and I've officially crocheted the first five rows (of nine total) together! That's more than halfway! I'm hoping to have my 63 Squares good and done by Saturday, so I can really get going on Jessie's birthday scarf and Abby's dress, which needs to be done be Dec. 17. Her mom (future SIL) wants her to wear it at the post-christening bash, which will be so much fun :)

What sucks the most right now? Knowing that I'll be IN CLASS for most of Halloween! Totally unfair! And when class is over, I have HOMEWORK to do! Nooooooo! (sorry, this is bitch and moan day. Will regret in the AM. . . please disregard.)

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Sue said...

Nice progress on the 'ghan, Celeste! I can't wait to see a pic. Somehow I don't think I'll fit on a scanner!

As for the paper, well, one of the hardest things to do is write something when not in the mood. Perhaps getting the biggest distraction out of the way first and promising to sit down and write next might help. :) Best of luck!